Consultation Fee Information

Doctors of Tewantin is a privately owned small business.
The GP’s are independent contractors and set their own fees so these may vary slightly.

The Medicare rebate that the Federal Government sets to help you pay for your health care was firstly frozen, and then only increased very slightly over the last 10 years. The actual costs of running our small, private business continue to rise, and your patient Medicare rebate now represents about HALF of the actual cost of your GP care.

We have absorbed the increasing costs for many years but can no longer only accept the rebate amount so a fee is required at the time of your consultation.

If you bring an EFTPOS card (or your bank details are recorded with medicare) we can process your medicare rebate for you. The refund can take between 2 and 48 hours to reach your bank.

Short Consultation: Medicare Item A (less than 5 minutes)  $35
Standard Consultation: Medicare Item B (5-20 minutes)  $85
Longer Consultation: Medicare Item C (20 – 40 minutes)  $135
Prolonged Consultation: Medicare Item D (> 40 mins)  $170

It is no longer guaranteed that patients with a ‘Concession Card’ will be bulk billed.

Pension/Health Care Card Holders:

Standard   $62
Longer   $100




The following patients will continue to be bulk billed directly to Medicare, at the Doctor’s discretion:

All children still at school
Veteran Affair Card Holders

Health Assessments & Chronic Disease Management
NEW PATIENTS: Please note, regardless of concession cards, your first consultation will be $130.



If you have concerns regarding the increasing cost to you for your health care we recommend you voice your concerns to your Federal Member of Parliament.  The Federal Government dictates the Medicare rebates therefore an increase in these rebates will require less of a ‘gap fee’ for you to pay for your GP consult.

Llew O’Brien MP Wide Bay – 4121 2936

Ted O’Brien MP Fairfax – 5479 2800

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