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DOT Travel Clinic in Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast offers a specialised Travel Medicine service to anyone who is travelling overseas, whatever the purpose of the trip.

The DOT Travel Clinic is led by Dr Catriona Caddell with the aim of providing a comprehensive service to patients who are planning a trip overseas. There are many reasons for travelling abroad, be it a holiday, business, sporting activity, visiting family, booking a surgical/dental procedure or going on a “Gap Year”. Each trip itinerary for every traveller can be carefully assessed, and the relevant vaccination and medication options can be discussed. In this exciting era of global travel with an ever-increasing number of exotic illnesses to which we may be exposed, it is well-worth making an appointment at DOT Travel Clinic (ideally at least 6-8 weeks before you go) to ensure you stay well and healthy whilst you are away.
Whether it’s just afew days in Bali, 6 months travelling in Africa or anything in between it’s important to become as informed as possible prior to departure. It is really helpful to discuss potential health complications and how best to avoid them, because avoiding illness or infections is much more challenging if we are unprepared for them or are unaware they even exist at our destination!!

And it’s not just about mozzie bites, malaria, “Delhi Belly” and now Zika!! You’ll be THRILLED to hear there are SO many more diseases which you could potentially encounter during your trip!!??!! These can all be discussed where relevant.
Some food for thought…did you know that rabies is much more common in children (they like making friends with dogs and monkeys!); Japanese Encephalitis exists throughout much of Asia (not just Japan!); Hepatitis B is a potential risk for anyone travelling abroad for a medical procedure…or casual romantic encounter; and one of the most common causes of morbidity and mortality associated with foreign travel (particularly cruises)is Influenza. All of these illnesses can be avoided if a traveller has been previously vaccinated (very young children included).

There are also many non-vaccine -preventable diseases which exist around the world, and which generally have fantastically tongue-twisting names to lend a truly exotic emphasis to their diagnosis!! Examples include Schistosomiasis, Leishmaniasis, Trypanosomiasis, Leptospirosis, Chikungunya, Histoplasmosis , Rickettsia and Cutaneous Larva Migrans to name just a few!! ! If you like hanging out bare-foot at the beach, swimming or kayaking in freshwater lakes and rivers, exploring in caves, camping or biking in rural countryside etc then you may wish to talk about how these nasties can be avoided! Hopefully you will never experience any of them, but some specific advice regarding how to reduce your risk of exposure may be worth those 30 extra minutes at DOT Travel Clinic before you fly out.

Dr Caddell, has recently completed further studies in Travel Medicine and received the internationally-recognised qualification from the ISTM (International Society of Travel Medicine). She has herself been fortunate enough to travel quite extensively over the years to India, several South American countries (including an independent cycle tour through Chile and Argentina), Europe, New Caledonia and Asia.
If you are planning an overseas trip, Dr Caddell would be delighted to see you to discuss the ways in which you can maintain your health, well-being and (of course!) enjoyment whilst you are away.
DOT Travel Clinic is an approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre and also offers post-travel care for anyone who has been overseas and become ill on their return to Australia. It’s important to note that there are many diseases which may cause symptoms weeks or even months after you’ve been away, and so it’s essential to mention that you have been overseas if you do become unwell within 12 months or so of returning home.
DOT Travel Clinic is available both to our regular GP patients and also to visitors or patients who usually attend another practice. Any vaccinations or treatment prescribed will be recorded and formally communicated (with your consent) back to your regular GP to maintain complete records and continuity of care.



There is a QUESTIONNAIRE which we ask you to complete and hand back in to reception or return by email to at least 2-3 days prior to your appointment if possible please. The essential information we require (where possible) is an itinerary detailing your destination(s) including stop-overs, and which vaccines you have had in your lifetime.

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At DOT Medical Travel Clinic - Tewantin Sunshine Coast we have the experience and knowledge to help you stay healthy and well during your travels and wish you happy, healthy travels!

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